Revealed – Inside Story of Why Tacha Dumped Teebillz Drops and It Involves D-Black and His Nightclub

The reason why Tacha and her former manager Teebillz split up has been a mystery since they broke up near the start of this year.

Several theories have come out as to why their breakup happened but the most explosive one just came out and it shockingly involves D-Black.

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According to the blogger ‘cutie juls’, their breakup actually started during Tacha’s recent trip to Ghana.

In the story told by this blogger, Tacha was booked to appear at D-Black’s Club Onyx but after fulfilling the meet, she couldn’t find the money.

Teebillz could not show her where the money went and Tacha parted ways with him over the money issues.

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We can’t confirm how true this story is but it seems plausible enough.

Read it below…

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So when Tacha went to Ghana, on the Saturday, she was booked to tour Kumasi and that was all for the day. : So they travelled to Kumasi very early in the morning and got back to Accra around 9pm in the evening. On touching down at the airport, she was told that she had an appearance that same evening at Club Onyx. Which is owned by a guy called Dblack. Tacha told the organisers that she wasn’t booked for that and so she can’t make it. Besides she was very tired. The organisers then told Tacha that she has already been paid for that appearance, tickets have been sold etc so she can’t cancel it. It became a back and forth thing. So it was established that the money for that had already been paid and. Teeblizz then got on the phone with Tacha and talked Tacha into going. Tacha questioned if it’s been paid for and how come she didn’t know about that etc. TB explained to Tacha that she should go and it will be sorted, she can’t disappoint her fans etc. Tacha then came to a conclusion with the organisers in Ghana including Dblak that fine, she will attend the club but not on that Saturday as she is very tired and wouldn’t want to go there and disappoint her fans and that she has even postponed her return to NG to Tuesday so she can visit family etc. So they should reschedule her 4 the club on the Sunday as she feels achy and tired since she has not rested very much since she touched down from Naija. So when Tacha got back, it was time for artist and manager to share money on agreed %. Tacha said she wanted to know who took the N800k. Long and short till date we don’t know where it went to and who took it. Tempers flew up, TB said I was warned bla bla bla, Tacha also gave bk made reference to when TS said TB’s used to take X amount on shows but discloses Z amount etc. It was hot even in Gh b4 it finally ended in Naija. : Let’s go live let me give you better details. I can’t write everything Biko. : Share ur honest opinions without insults. Tnx see you on @cuties_jist

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