6 Shocking Murders That Got Ghana Talking For Months – Check Out Photos And Videos

Life on the surface of planet Earth was never meant to be permanent. Though believers and non-believers of religion have both sought to explain in their own terms what actually constitutes the meaning of life, albeit, with little success, there can be no argument that both sides genuinely believe that every life has its own cycle.

Yet, even though every life has its cycle and will definitely end at some point in that cycle, there can be no argument that a life cut short without reaching the natural end of its designated cycle is absolutely cruel in every sense of the word.

GhanaCelebrities.Com brings you six (6) cruel murders that hit Ghana in times past and got the country talking for months. This is not in any way to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but to remind us of how this life can disappear within the blink of an eye, and how they almost always end up without any justice.

The Gruesome Murders of Police Personnel Owusu Sekyere (Kwaku Ninja) and Jerry Wornu (Taller) by Landguards in Ablekuma

Kwaku Ninja on the Right with a Friend

Happening at a time when the phenomenon of social media was still but a distant dream, Police Constable Owusu Sekyere, also known as Kwaku Ninja, and Jerry Wornu, popularly known as ‘Taller’ were murdered by land guards at Ablekuma, a suburb of Accra in November 1998.

The two were attached to the Striking Force Unit of the Ghana Police Service and report indicated that they were on a mission to inspect the land of the late Kwaku Ninja.

Kwaku Ninja had gained a considerable reputation as a renowned martial artist and trainer and was even appearing regularly on GTV as a trainer.

On reaching Ablekuma Township, ten indigenes of the area, suspected to be land guards were said to have pounced on the two police officers and subjected them to severe beatings.

In the process, Constable Wornu (Taller), died on the spot, while Kwaku Ninja who had mastered in martial arts attempted to escape from the mob attack. Police report narrates further that Kwaku Ninja hanged on a moving tipper truck in his move to escape being lynched, but he did not succeed the hike.

The body of Kwaku Ninja and Taller were buried at different locations in the locality, including an uncompleted building, and later exhumed by police administration for autopsy.

This murder got the country talking for several months, considering the popularity of Ninja. It eventually sparked a conversation on land guards and their activities, though nothing fruitful came out.

The Murder of The Popular Kumasi Gangster, Budo by his own uncle

Also happening in the era before the proliferation of Social media, was the death of a man loved just as much as he was hated. A man who inspired saints and inspired criminals alike, The man we simply called Budo.

In the mid-90s, Kumasi went into a deep slumber and when we woke up, the name BUDO was on every lip. Every young man wanted to be like him. Those outside Kumasi knew him as Kumasi Budo or Buokrom Budo.

It was said that he could block traffic and collect money from drivers and shared the money among kids. It was said that if you were robbed of something and you reported to Budo, your things would be returned to you almost instantly.

Budo was the Robin Hood of his days, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. And though he might have been just an ordinary criminal, to us little ones who were nurtured in Kumasi, he was a symbol of uprightness and an embodiment of positive defiance.

Once honoured by the Police Administration for his exemplary display of courage in arresting five men who stole goods worth 10 million cedis, it was not surprising that his exploits earned him the rare privilege of being an unofficial bodyguard of the revered monarch of Asante, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Budo allegedly met his bloody end when he was shot by his own uncle one afternoon for supposedly bringing the name of their family into disrepute. It is further alleged that the man had been spiritually fortified against all forms of bullets, and so his uncle had to use grains of rice as the ammunition that finally claimed the life of a hero and a villain moulded into one.

His death caused a massive outcry in Kumasi and its immediate environs. Many of whom could not understand why a man, who had effortlessly transitioned from a criminal to an upright and revered fellow, had to die like an ordinary fowl, especially when we all thought he was as invincible as the creator Himself.

The Murder of Fennec Okyere, Manager of Kwaw Kesse


Fennec Okyere was killed at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road in Accra on Thursday, March 13, 2014, by unknown assailants. He died at age 31.

Fennec’s murder occurred on the background that a few days before his death, he had revealed to media men that people were threatening to kill him because of his tussle with MUSIGA as to the originator and rights holder of the Ghana Music Week.

Bulldog, who the Police Criminal Investigative Department (CID) picked up on Thursday, April 10, 2014, as the lead suspect in the murder of Fennec, was also alleged to have threatened to kill Fennec.

An Accra Central District Court in January 2018 set Bulldog free from allegations of murder.

Until his death, Fennec was the artiste manager of popular Ghanaian musician, Kwaw Kesse. Fennec’s death caused massive outrage in Ghanaian showbiz circles.

The Late Citi Fm Staff, Kofi Ofori Atta whose newly wedded wife allegedly poisoned him after he had discovered her promiscuous behaviour.

This practically should not qualify as a murder case. However, technically we can categorize it as one considering the widespread notion at the time of his death that he was poisoned.

An emotional story of the death of a young man a few months after his marriage to a beautiful young lady broke the internet in early 2015. It was widely reported that three (3) months after their marriage, the guy had suspicions regarding the lady’s promiscuity. In order to have hardcore evidence for a winning case, he downloaded a call recording app unto the lady’s phone – without her knowledge.

Some few weeks to his death, all he did was to always put his phone’s earpiece on and listen to the numerous conversations between his wife and her boyfriends. He did so at work to the amazement and wonder of his working colleagues. Each time he was asked what at all he was listening, he replied: “I’m listening to sermons.”

Well, the young man who happened to be the breadwinner of his family, died under bizarre circumstances at a very young age, leaving behind his promiscuous wife, who unsurprisingly was conspicuously absent at his funeral.

Kofi’s death opened the eyes of many Ghanaian youths, and it surely divided opinion as well. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

The Murder of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama at Denkyira-Obuasi

Maxwell Mahama

On Monday, May 29th 2017, Ghana was thrown into a state of shock and sadness after a military official, Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama, was lynched by inhabitants of Denkyira-Obuasi on unusual suspicions of being an armed robber.

Though details of what triggered the lynching are still sketchy, it is believed that the Captain had gone out for a morning jog when the unfortunate incident happened.

Although the circumstances aren’t entirely clear, some reports say that he stopped to ask for directions, locals saw his gun and assumed he was an armed thief and went to alert other townspeople. Mahama was set upon by a crowd, stoned to death, and partially burnt.

The lynching was met with outrage, and authorities acted quickly, dispatching the military to the town to find the perpetrators.

The Ghana Police immediately arrested seven suspects, who were all identified through the smartphone videos of the killing. Many others were also picked up later. Unfortunately, no significant headway has been made in the trial after 3 solid years.

The Murder of Ahmed Hussein Suale

On 16 January 2019, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a Ghanaian investigative journalist who had collaborated with the BBC, was shot dead near his family home in Accra. Ghanaian police believe he was assassinated because of his work.

Three witnesses to the crime who live nearby told the BBC they saw the men hanging around the junction on several occasions in the week before the killing – two unfamiliar faces in a familiar neighbourhood. The men, one tall and well-built, the other short and wiry, leant on their motorbike or chatted with neighbours to pass the time. They bought alcohol from a shop and helped a man carry pails of water. One neighbour said they seemed suspicious. Another said she thought they were robbers.

But nothing was stolen from Hussein-Suale and no-one close to him believes he was a random target. He was an investigative journalist whose undercover reporting had exposed traffickers, murderers, corrupt officials and high-court judges. He worked with Tiger Eye, a highly secretive team led by one of the most famous undercover journalists in Africa, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. In Ghana and beyond, the team’s daring, anonymous reporting made them modern-day folk heroes. And it made them enemies as well, some of whom were embittered to the point of snatching the life out of a young man like Suale.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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