BB Naija Reunion – Seyi, Ike and Kim Oprah Gang Up On Tacha and Destroy her for Being Too Arrogant

4 housemates ganged up on BB Naija Tacha during the first week of the ongoing BB Naija reunion show.

Tacha did not have many friends during her first appearance on the show and that has not changed during this reunion show.

Ike Onyema, Seyi Alowolo, Kim Oprah and Venita all ganged up on Tacha during the reunion show and attacked her for being too arrogant.

Kim Oprah threw the first shots at Tacha, calling her arrogant and saying she had brought the same arrogant attitude from the first show to the House again.

Tacha didn’t take it lying down and replied that she’s confident and it’s others who mistake it for arrogance.

“I said during the short interviews that I am getting into the house and every other person is an escort. If you have an issue with it, Kim Oprah, you should fix your insecurity. Your insecurities are playing a joke on you, not me. If you have a problem with my confidence, that’s your insecurity and you should be inspired,” Tacha fired back.

She added: “If you are confident you are reassuring yourself of your abilities and possibilities. Arrogance is when you are exaggerating your abilities and possibilities”.

Upon Tacha’s response, her fellow housemates hit back that she is arrogant, she just refuses to see it.

Ike said, “if you are confident, you don’t need to brag. There were times in the house when I would get mad and say no one here is on my level, not even because I’m coming from America but I am smarter than you, stronger than you, faster than you but this becomes a problem when I come to your face and belittle you which I don’t like to do or hurt people. Privately, I might feel better than you but I won’t put it to your face.”

Seyi added: “Bragging is when you are an empty barrel just making noises.”

Venita also added her bit: “Nobody should feel the need to make everyone around them feel bad to make them feel better.

“Yes, have confidence in yourself but confidence is different from abrasiveness and just sheer arrogance. There is a big difference,”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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