Dimwitted Bimbo Wendy Shay Says Racism Exists Because Blacks Hate Each Other

The George Floyd racism issue has thankfully allowed us to filter out some of the unintelligent bimbos masquerading as celebrities in the Ghanaian showbiz industry.

Wendy Shay has become the latest celeb after Becca to expose herself by showing off her ignorance whilst addressing the issue of racism.

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Like Becca, Wendy Shay claims racism lies at the feet of black people instead of blaming those really at fault.

Shay claims issues like racism can be traced to blacks not loving each other.

Speaking with Pulse gh, the RuffTown records singer said we can only tackle racism if blacks start loving each other.

“..White people have studied and realized that we don’t love each other and that’s why they feel comfortable to also do what they doing to us,” Shay said.

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“The first remedy to cure this virus that is called racism is that we black people we firstly love each other, love is the remedy”.

I don’t know why some of these celebs think it’s ‘enlightened’ to claim that the issue of systemic racism exists because of blacks instead of looking at a power structure which specifically disenfranchises blacks and places all the power in the hands of the white man.

The least said about Shay’s absurdly stupid claim that she faced more racism in Ghana than in Germany, the better.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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