CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghanaian Celebrities’ Obsession with Lies Make Them Uncomfortable When Certain Questions Are Asked—the Case of Wendy Shay

I perfectly understand showbiz and the razzmatazz that it comes with. But that does not mean blue should be peddled as green, and black as white.

Wendy Shay is walking-lie. Everything about that girl is either a lie or fake—from her recent comment that she is worth over 5 million dollars which her cheap overused wigs clearly mock, to the smallest dot of her lifestyle.

And she is not alone, almost all Ghanaian Celebrities are liars. Perhaps, it is a Ghanaian thing even—see our politicians, pastors and the ordinary citizen. The truth has eluded us at every front.

Therefore, Ghanaians often get upset or uncomfortable when you push them with truth-seeking questions. I am not in support of the manner a certain presenter asked his questions—but I am certain Wendy Shay’s anger was not about the manner, but the fact that the question wouldn’t go away.

Wendy Shay and her wig

Are you dating, sleeping or having a relationship with Bullet apart from the obvious professional relationship? This is a simple YES or No question. But Wendy wouldn’t answer it in honesty or under a lie detector, no matter how politely or rudely it is framed.

Of course, she is probably trying to not add to the numbers of Ghanaian female artists who have sex with their managers, an open secret known by all reasonable men and women, and even the dimwits.

Not long ago, eShun was in the media crying that she was sleeping with her manager for years and he treated her badly—when before things went South with her relationship, she had lied on numerous occasions that her manager was not pulling off her pants regularly.

It’s easy to find out who a certain celebrity is dating in the West, but in Ghana, it’s this huge secret, protected by layers of lies. The simple plausible reason many have given is that it’s either they are chopping down someone’s man, or they just want to pretend to be single and swindle men who may be interested. I mean the old fools who finance their lifestyle for a taste of their blood.

Wendy Shay may argue that she has a right to some sort of privacy. However, allegedly sleeping with your manager wouldn’t and shouldn’t be granted any privacy in a showbiz industry.

If she is not indeed sleeping with Bullet, she should just have answered NO—and probably swear with Antoa that she is not that kind of person. Of course, we all know what would have happened.

Enough of the absurd and unnecessary lies. Some even go to borrow cars and then come on social media to showcase it as their husbands having bought the cars for them.

Why tangle your life in such web of lies such that you begin to sweat when questions are asked?


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