I Cheated Twice Because He Wouldn’t Break Up With Me – Says Eshun

Ghanaian musician Eshun like many females who refuse to take responsibility for their actions but rather blame men for their stupidity has placed the entire reason for cheating twice at the doorsteps of her ex-boyfriend.

According to the musician, she only cheated on her boyfriend to ensure the guy ends their relationship. Eshun unlike most people does not do things half-heartedly therefore she had to cheat twice to ensure the boyfriend will leave her. The artiste who revealed this while talking to Zion Felix in an interview showed no remorse or disgust while discussing her appalling behaviour but rather continued to disparage the ex-boyfriend.

Many women are quick to blame their partners when they mess up especially when it comes to cheating. Their excuses range from lack of attention all the way to feeling unloved even though the men are usually doing all they can to provide for their needs and ensure they have a stable relationship. Some women have blamed the men for being boring not only in bed but in general hence leading to their cheating behaviour. The Wahaala Boys breaks down the stupidity of these excuses in their latest podcast.

Refusal to admit one’s mistakes, short comings and shifting blames or offering stupid excuses as reasons for one’s behaviour is one of the most despicable behaviours that one can exhibit. One has to be able to admit it when he or she faults and strive to be better but that is something that was lacking in Eshun’s interview. She is not the first and surely won’t be the last woman to shift blame especially unto their ex-partner but hopefully men are wising up to this behaviour.


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