Citi Fm Journalist Umaru Sanda Fires ‘Tribalistic’ and Weak Minded Pepper Dem Ministries

Citi Fm Journalist Umaru Sanda has spoken out after having an unpleasant experience with the Pepper Dem Ministries and described them as tribalistic people with weak-minded views.

Sanda, who hosts the Eyewitness News on Citi Fm, had an hour-long battle/chat with two Pepper Dem members after they declared they were unhappy with an interview he had with one of their co-founders.

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Throughout the conversation, Sanda said he realized how deeply entrenched the girls are in their thinking and how tribalistic they are in defending themselves of any wrongdoing.

Sanda’s ordeal started after interviewing Dr Louise Carol Serwaa Donkor, a co-founder of the group and current NPP Parliamentary aspirant, on his show ‘Point Blank’.


After the interview, PepperDem said he had been misogynistic in his treatment of Dr Carol and asked her questions he would never have asked a man.

Sanda engaged two of them, Efe Plange and Efua Oyikwan to try and make his case but he said he realized their minds were made up and nothing would change it.

Read his dissection of the entire incident below…

‘As a general rule, I don’t deal with Pepperdem pipos. “You shouldn’t. You can’t reason with them. It’s like tribalists.”’

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I have done several interviews in my short time as a journalist. Listeners have applauded me for some and lambasted me for others.

I’ve had interviewees literally running away during interviews. I’ve had others make me chop hot. I have supposedly put some in “trouble” and I don’t really regret.

When the Eyewitness News team accepted for us to host Dr. Carroll on Point Blank, the decision was taken because she wants to hold public office and she had to be tested.

Because she isn’t already an MP and wants to be one, we ride on her personal life to test her. She has stuff to her name and those shall be put to her.

I asked her about our SDG targets which she apparently is paid by our taxes for.


I asked her about her infamous Footsoldiers comment which landed her a month’s suspension by the Chief of Staff.

And then, I asked her about Pepperdem, a group I’m told she co-founded. Honestly, based on my experience, I noticed she was uncomfortable about the issue and was running away. I probed further.

Then I read the headline of a story attributed to a female journalist who said Perperdem was a group for Bitter women. I asked her for comments and since she is the face of the group, I asked a direct question whether based on what the lady said, she was a bitter woman.

She answered. But as a leader of a group she founded, I expected more. I expected her to use the opportunity to answer “ignorant” people about the ideals of her group and even convince others to join. She tried.

Then her friends on Facebook. The almighty, all knowing Pepperdem gang decided to put me on the dinner table. They said I was sexist and was confrontational with the woman in my interview just because she is a woman. They said I wouldn’t do same with a man!

If you’ve ever listened to Eyewitness News or Point Blank, you’d know more men have been battered on the show than women. But these ladies, whose brains are programmed in one direction decided my questioning was in the style it was because my interviewee was a lady. How ignorant!

I spent a whole hour trying to make my point to these ladies including Efe Plange and Efua Oyikwan but I realized they had their minds made up in a weak way.

Then I remembered the quote from She Who Must Not Be Named which said:
‘As a general rule, I don’t deal with Pepperdem pipos. “You shouldn’t. You can’t reason with them. It’s like tribalists.” Google the quote and you’ll understand the level of thinking

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