Twitter User Schools Efia Odo After Ignorant Post Praising Donald Trump

A Twitter user schooled Efia Odo hard after her latest ignorant post on social media about U.S politics.

For someone who used to stay in the States, Efia Odo displays a stunning ignorance every time she decides to talk about those issues.

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In a post on Twitter, the actress said she respects Donald Trump because he’s the only politician who doesn’t lie to get votes (wrong!).

She also said she doesn’t know why black people vote for Democrats when the party was founded by a slave owner.

“Donald trump speaks his truth and that’s the only thing I respect him for. Most politicians lie to get the people’s votes. I’m even shocked that the majority of black people belong to a Democratic Party. Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson who owned a slave plantation,” she wrote.

First of all the entire country was founded by slave owners so then blacks should probably think about leaving America entirely if that’s the logic. Most importantly, the Democrat and Republican parties of the 18th and 19th centuries are not the same parties in the 20th and 21st centuries, but Odo evidently does not know that.

A twitter user came along to school her about the political history of the States so she doesn’t sound so ignorant the next time she tries to talk about their issues.

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“The democrats of those days are the Republicans of today. There was a switch at some point in American history,” the user tweeted, with a link explaining how the switch occurred.

The easiest way to explain everything for Odo is that the southern whites who used to be the Democrat’s biggest constituency and supported all their racist policies are now the Republicans’ biggest constituency and support all their racist policies.

She should spend a few seconds to wonder why.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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