Eshun Is Making Money Off The Pain Of Thousands Of Women In Ghana

Musician Queen Eshun is exploiting the pain of many women in our society to promote her personal agenda.

It seems that the idea of money which is the biggest motivator for many has driven Eshun to make wild claims about her past relationship with her manager from his mismanagement of the finances from her music career to their intimate relationship.

Eshun in a recent post on social media claims “counteless messages” has been sent to her by women caught in the middle of abusive relationships. She seems to be patting herself on the back for starting a “movement” against female abuse in relationships, but the evidence doesn’t support her claims of being a victim. The Wahaala Boys discussed her intimate relationship with her manager and her ridiculous excuse for cheating on him on multiple occasion.

One cannot dismiss the importance of staying in a healthy relationship or the abusive nature of some people but in the case of Eshun, it looks like Pinocchio’s nose after telling a lie.

Eshun instead of helping those affected by abusive relationships who have reached out to her with their messages, she has rather taken the path of milking them for money. The musician in the same post where she talks about the messages said, “I believe it’s time to do a video for #handcuff.”

Eshun is not the first woman to exploit the pain of others to further her career or make money. In the past, she denied being involved in a romantic relationship with her manager on several platforms. She now claims they were involved before he became her music manager.


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