Top 6 Most Popular Hits Of The Late Highlife Legend, Nana Tuffuor

Nana Tuffuor, One of Ghana’s Highlife Legends was reported dead this morning, after a brief sickness. Popularly known as 9924, Nana was one of the veteran musicians who popularized the Highlife genre.

Having kicked off his musical journey with one of the axes popularly known as one-man thousand, with keyboardist Alex Konadu, he later joined the Wanto Wazuri Band as a pianist.

He left for Nigeria where he began working with famous Nigerian musician King Sunny Ade as his keyboardist. In 1979 he released his first album Highlife Romance and has since gone on to release 14 other albums until his demise.

GhanaCelebrities.Com brings you 7 of Nana’s songs widely considered to be his most popular, in no particular order.

Me Yere Dada

Released in 1991, the song basically talks about a man who has regretted his actions after divorcing his wife of many years to marry a new woman. The regretted husband then misses his divorced wife as he tries to compare their conflicting characters.


Arguably one of Nana’s most loved songs, Atenga basically talks about a man willing to have his way with his wife but without any success. He tries to compensate his wife, which the woman gladly accepts but still refuses to lie with her husband. The husband then decides to resort to any means possible to have his way.


A very popular song among drinking bars in the days of old, Aketekyiwa talks about a man who has been practically rejected by his family because of poverty. He laments the fact that he is never called when there is good news but is the first to be called whenever there is bad or disgraceful news.


Perhaps Nana Tuffuor’s most popular song which resonates well with both the old and new generation, Abeiku talks about a stubborn foster child who deliberately denies his foster father the opportunity to have access to his new wife’s body. Abeiku almost always rises from sleep when the action is about to begin.

Owuo Sei Fie

A very popular song at Traditional Ghanaian funerals, the song talks about the inevitability of death and how it brings about a devastating effect on families.

Odo Yɛ Nteaseɛ

A Lovesong that resonates well among the youth, this song is ideal for an afternoon relaxation with a very special someone. It talks about the virtue of patience among lovers.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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