American Lady Relocates to Ghana – Says The Lord Told Her To Move

While many Ghanaians are ready to trade themselves, their mother and their grandparents for an opportunity to travel to the United States of America, an American girl has decided to do the reverse.

The owner of the YouTube channel Ny Corner decided to leave the comforts of America such as good roads, better healthcare, constant light and water and great internet service to move to Accra the capital of Ghana.

The move which will be baffling to many considering this is the first time she was travelling outside the United States is compounded by the fact she prayed about it. Religion is a private matter, but one is still surprised by the faith shown in the God this girl serves. It reminds one of Moses’s encounter with God after fleeing Egypt. The girl expands on her reasons for moving to Ghana in the video below

One can only admire the people that move from countries deemed better than Ghana to come and settle. With all the daily challenges faced in Ghana especially in Accra with the filth, floods, dumsor, water shortage and valleys on roads, these people barely complain and seems to embrace all the things ordinary Ghanaians take for granted. For instance, going to the market to buy fresh foods, taking trotro and roadside food are all deemed adventures by most of these people with many videos on YouTube dedicated to these activities.

The idea that one’s race will never be a problem should they move to Ghana is very comforting for a lot of Black Americans with the chance to reconnect with their roots very enticing.

Maybe it is time Ghanaians embraced fully their country with all its flaws while working hard to fix some of them.


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