Gospel Musicians Kwaku Gyasi And Akesse Brempong Clash Over Motive Behind Singing Gospel Songs

Two Gospel musicians with a completely different style of singing, Kwaku Gyasi and Akesse Brempong have clashed in opinion as far as the motive behind singing gospel songs is concerned.

Kwaku Gyasi, a traditional Pentecostal Gospel singer with many hits to his name, and Akesse Brempong, a dynamic contemporary gospel afrobeat artiste, revealed their difference in opinions in an exclusive virtual interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central.

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Speaking about the motive behind singing gospel songs, Akesse was of the view that singing of gospel songs is solely to propagate the gospel and is never a means of making money.

Akesse condemned those who see gospel music as a money-making venture and has advised those people to rather venture into secular music since that’s where the focus is purely on business.

However, Kwaku Gyasi strongly disagreed with his junior colleague’s assertions, saying that only hypocrites refuse to see the business aspect of the craft.

According to Kwaku Gyasi, if gospel musicians don’t accept the reality by ignoring the money-making aspect of their divine calling then they will become a laughing stock in future by not saving enough against unforeseen eventualities.

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“Anyone who tells you that the gospel music industry isn’t about money-making should be ignored. As for me in my life, I don’t do any other work apart from being a musician. That’s what has fed me up til now so it’s my personal job and my divine calling”.

“Always you need to dress well since you are a public figure and all this involves money. So who’ll disprove that music is not a full-time job and no gospel artiste will reject your money after performing at your church. So we should call a spade a spade and the truth is always one so we don’t need to be hypocrites because gospel music is a full-time job”. Gyasi Added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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