Pastor Chris Says Pastors Afraid to Lay Hands on Coronavirus Patients Are Fake – Says Jesus Touched and Healed Lepers

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has called out pastors who have been hiding from the coronavirus.

According to the Nigerian preacher, real pastors would go out and be healing people of the virus and not be afraid of touching them.

Chris said real pastors will be out there even during the pandemic laying hands on coronavirus patients and healing them.

“You cannot believe in Jesus Christ and be afraid of viruses. Jesus touched the lepers… he touched the lepers and healed them because the Bible is clear. These people who are afraid of pretending to represent Christians to the Government it’s a shame. I think the Government leaders are laughing at them because of you are a Christian and you say you’re a minister of the Gospel, what Gospel? You have no Gospel. If you’re afraid of the virus, you have no Gospel. Your Gospel has ended,” he said.

Pastor Chris also railed against guidelines given out to set for the church to deal with the pandemic.

“The moment you began to give such guidelines to people in the Church, you repudiated your faith in Christ. It’s as simple as that. Once you started telling the churches that they should listen to Science and telling them to listen to these kinds of things. The moment you started that you backslid. So I tell you many of these ministers need prayers. We have to pray for many many Pastors and leaders who are scared of the disease,” he added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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