CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Truth Behind Nana Aba Anamoah’s Range Rover, the Faux Pas and the DVLA—With all the EVIDENCE

Nana Aba Anamoah and her new car

Nana Aba Anamoah was there—this time with a new Range Rover which miraculously carried the same registration number as that of another car, a Nissan Rogue.

The above is just a tiny bit of the whole story but as usual social media thrives on schadenfreude and doesn’t really care about anything beyond what’s ridiculous. So, the ridiculing started with many saying ‘Nana Aba has not learnt a lesson from the previous Twitter incident some years ago.”

I received several messages from people, asking me why my friend would put up such an extravaganza to display a Range Rover which has now been found to be carrying a fake number plate—and by stretch, arguing that the Range Rover was not even hers.

And then DVLA released a statement on 23 June 2020, confirming that indeed the number plate on Nana Aba’s flaunted Range Rover was fake—sort of arming the crusaders and shaping the minds of even the sceptics.

In-between the social media’s number plate investigations, the unfounded mockery and the DVLA’s statement, Nana Aba’s account or events leading to the faux pas, had not been heard.

So, I reached out to the “birthday girl”—to establish what the heck happened and more also, what was she doing about the ostensibly illegal enterprise involving her, and her new Range Rover.

Nana Aba said, she only became aware of the controversy surrounding her birthday gift many hours later, after a friend showed her what was being said on social media—adding that, she did not even know the person who bought the car for her until hours later.

I wouldn’t let her innocuous voice and decent personality fool me, I told myself this. And therefore asked, what do you mean—you were driving a car with a number plate of another car, and you say you didn’t know anything about this?

She explained that her friends called her out as they had taken delivery of a huge birthday present for her. “Of course, my friends knew the buyer but they didn’t want to tell me at the time. They gave me the car keys and dropped the documents in the car. The celebration had started before the car came so I just jumped into it and drove it slightly around.”

According to Nana Aba, it was when the whole social media “wahala” gained prominence that she requested the person who bought her the car be immediately revealed—since the emerging issue surrounding the gift was becoming somewhat embarrassing.

After the person’s name was mentioned, she called him and asked about the origin of the number plate, which was the fountainhead of the whole controversy.

“The person was shocked. He said he paid for the car via a dealership and asked for it to be delivered. It was a new unregistered car and he was not aware of any number plate—let alone to be that of another car,” Nana Aba said.

When the person who bought the Range Rover for her contacted the dealership, it came to light that the dealer instructed his boys to decorate the car and make the delivery. However, one of the boys thought it wise to generate a number plate to fix, to enable them to drive the car from the dealership to Nana Aba’s place.

While the above is a plausible explanation, it does not show that you took any action to correct the illegality with the DVLA when it became obvious that a gift given to you was bearing a false number plate—I asked Nana Aba. 

She replied: “The minute we established that the boys at the dealership had done this on the frolic of their own, I reported the case to the Police—and proceeded to the DVLA on 22 June 2020 to properly register the car. The police are currently looking for the boys.”

The legal documents (below) confirms that indeed the car was properly registered and was assigned the customized number: N 1-20 on 22 June 2020 by the DVLA—making it difficult to understand the essence of the DVLA’s statement on this issue dated 23 June 2020, especially its failure to state that the anomaly had been duly corrected.

Nana Aba’s Range Rover Reg Doc

However, and crucially, the DVLA has today issued a new statement confirming the above. Nana Aba Anamoah can proudly drive her new Range Rover through town—but social media wouldn’t ever forget the old number plate GR 2050-20.

My last words to her were that—next time, keep your gift off social media.

Check out the registration documents and DVLA’s latest statement below…

DVLA’s Latest Press Release
Nana Aba Anamoah’s new car
Nana Aba’s new Range Rover Registration Doc
Nana Aba’s new Range Rover Registration Doc


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