Ghanaian Pastor Tells Detailed Story About Occultic Reason Nana Adjei Sikapa Died

A Ghanaian pastor, Bishop J.Y Adu, claims Despite Media’s Nana Adjei Sikapa died because he refused to come and see him for special healing due to being lied to that he’s an ‘occultic’ pastor.

According to this prophet, the illness which killed Nana Adjei had inflicted him before and he healed him, so when it returned he was the only one who could heal him.

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However, this pastor claims Nana Adjei Sikapa refused to come see him when the illness returned because another pastor had told him that Bishop Adu is an occultist.

So without his ‘special prayers’, Nana Sikapa died.

“In 2017 July, he (Nana Adjei Sikapa) became very sick and was admitted to a private hospital in Accra for some months. He did all he could but was not successful so he was transferred to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. His company made sure he was well attended to but his health kept deteriorating. He called me from the hospital and updated me about his status. So I told him to come to my church…” Bishop Adu told Kofi TV.

“…I was directed by God to boil a specific leaf for him to drink. 3 days after that direction, he could now drink water and eat as well. In 2 months, he became very strong and healthy to even join us during church service…On March 18th, 2018, he now became 100% healthy to even start work.” he added.

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According to him, when the presenter was healed he was brainwashed by another pastor that Bishop Adu is occultic.

Adu added Nana Adjei even went on-air to mock him and defame him despite how he healed him.

A year later, the illness returned and Nana Adjei Sikapa refused to come see him because of what he had been told.

“The sickness relapsed again in 2019 August with the same symptoms. He lost his voice whenever he spoke. So he stopped work for over 4 months. In August, Nana Adjei’s child who is studying law came home to meet his sick father. He was the one who came with his father to Kumasi when he first got sick. His son asked him to go back to Bishop J.Y Adu, if he’s sickness had relapsed. But Nana Adjei told him God will see through it.”

According to him, if Nana Adjei had swallowed his pride and called him he might still be alive.

Veteran Peace Fm presenter Nana Adjei Sikapa died on June 19th after battling a yet to be disclosed illness.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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