CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Gross Stupidity of Ray Hushpuppi and the Social Media Cheerleaders and Followers

A few months ago, I came across Ray Hushpuppi because of a post on GhanaCelebrities.Com that robbed on him—showing how this Dubai based Nigerian was enviably displaying his rich and glamourous lifestyle on social media.

The first thing I asked myself when I saw his photos and read his tall list of expensive cars which he proudly parades on social media was this: what work does this guy do?

Without any idea what he does and how he makes his money, he emerged out of the blue and became a social media star—amassing millions of fans, including celebrities from Ghana and Nigeria.


He had become the prayer point of people and the women were throwing themselves at him and his friends.

Then a few weeks ago, it emerged and has now been confirmed that Ray Hushpuppi has been arrested by the FBI for fraud said to be north of 435 million dollars.

Weirdly and foolishly, recent fraudsters flaunt their wealth on social media for all to see—when in the past such illegalities and proceeds from them would be hidden.

Our generation of scammers and thieves are plainly stupid and you can smell them from millions of miles away yet as a society we just close our eyes to their activities and cheer them out with likes, comments and admiration.

They know we wouldn’t ask questions so they freely come to the party in their full opulence and indeed we don’t hold them accountable.

Soon, another one will emerge—and the men and women will be inboxing them day and night.

People show lifestyles that attracting millions of dollars in cost and we never ask or question them about the origin of their wealth.

In Ghana, someone on 1,000 GHS salary a month could be buying 2 Jaguars and no one would care to blink.

We allow them and make them.

This post was published on June 26, 2020 5:29 PM

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