Hushpuppi’s Arrest – Leila Djansi Says Anyone Who Flaunts their Riches Online Has A Secret to Hide

Ghanaian filmmaker Leila Djansi says the arrest of Hushpuppi proves that people who flaunt riches online generally have something they’re hiding.

According to Djansi, people who work hard and make legitimate riches generally don’t flaunt their riches on social media like the way Hushpuppi and his fellow sakawa boys do.

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Djansi was reacting after news went viral about Hushpuppi’s arrest and details of his scams.

Leila Djansi

The Nigerian fraudster had reportedly duped close to 2m people out of roughly $435m during his years of operations.

Reacting to it, Djansi said African youth idolise people like Hushpuppi rather than legit entrepreneurs who are struggling to make their money legally.

Read her Hushpuppi rant below…

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I understand this guy is a Nigerian fraudster who was apprehended today in Dubai. He scammed over 2000 people of over 400million dollars. He’s got 2.5million followers mostly African youth!! My people! What is your problem?

Why do you guys chase after material things and showy people with material wealth with so much vigor??

My friend @mightyafrican-who graduated from Stanford University-moved to Ghana and started #Barcamp for Ghanaian youth. He travels the country hosting career fairs and connecting youth to mentors. How many people follow him? Or follow barcamp? No. You follow Hushpuppi and other folks who flaunt wealth.

Come on guys! Follow people who inspire you to become a better version of yourself! Cars and mansions and designer clothes and shoes are not going anywhere! Easy does it. It is this same ground you will walk on whether you wear a designer shoe or a $10 dollar shoe. you’re not taking the wealth with you to your grave. No one is. Private jet? Many have crashed while those who fly coach have lived to see their grandchildren. The same rain that beats the rich, beats the poor.

You flew business class so what? First so we should cry? Did you arrive before those in coach?
The most expensive shoe in my closet is $100. Have I died? I wore a $45 dollar shoe to the Oscars. The $2000 shoe in your closet in Accra, where have you gone with it? Wedding; where you ate jollof, drank wine and you went home. Finish. By grace, a $45 shoe could secure your tomorrow. By all means buy a $2000 shoe if you worked hard honestly and can afford it. But please, don’t let buying cars and shoes and clothes to show off be the driving factor. Don’t salivate at anyones show of wealth.

As I always say. This is how slavery was initiated. Capitalizing on the greed and hunger for wealth of the African.

You’re crying about #GeorgeFloyd? How did his ancestors get to America to be trampled upon? History COULD repeat itself if you don’t change!

Remember, people who work hard and honestly for their wealth never flaunt it. Anyone who flaunts an expensive lifestyle on social media has a secret life. Frown, don’t follow.

I wonder whether any of his followers know Elon Musk and that he’s African too.

Don’t allow anyone oppress you on social media with wealth.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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