Efia Odo and her Pea Sized Brain Offers Dumbest Defence Yet of Akuapem Poloo Traumatizing her Son for Life

Actress Efia Odo and her pea-sized brain once again completely missed the point of an issue as she jumped in with her half baked and infantile opinion.

According to Odo, Akuapem Poloo did nothing wrong by posing n*ked with her 7-year-old son and those calling for her head should call for the arrest of rapists and other criminals.

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Odo’s spirited if senseless defence of Akuapem Poloo comes after the actress posed n*ked with her son in a birthday photo. She has since reportedly been invited by the police.

Reacting to news of Poloo’s potential arrest, Efia Odo wrote: “Not even that deep. When our mothers were putting ginger in our v*ginas and a**holes dier they didn’t intervene. Straight up b*llshit!!! She didn’t endanger her child in any shape of form. Go and arrest fathers who are impregnating their children and raping 3 yr olds!”

Odo’s rant conveniently tries to equate a far more serious crime to what Poloo did in an effort to make her act seem benign, but the big hole in her comment lies in the fact that no one is defending fathers who rape 3-year-olds.

Odo often does this, offering up a strawman to beat up so that whatever childish comment she wants to make seems sensible. Perhaps she should read up a little on what a strawman is.

Akuapem Poloo, as I wrote earlier today, exposed her son to psychological trauma he would have to deal with later in life even if he’s not aware of it now, by taking a photo of herself n*ked with the son and exposing it to the whole world.

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As mentioned if she wants to debase herself for fame she can do so all she likes but it becomes disturbing the moment she adds her son into the equation.

This boy will grow up one day and have to endure mocking from ruthless teenagers who will have that picture to look at for eternity, another form of trauma.

As someone commented under her post, it’s not a must to have an opinion on every issue! Odo has opinions on every subject but unfortunately, she often speaks up even when her point is nonsensical.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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