The Husband Was Never Around, Didn’t Even Introduce Himself to Us – Ridge Hospital Doctor Finally Speaks, Blames the Husband

A social media user claims to have spoken to the Ridge Hospital Doctor involved in the alleged death of a Ghanaian lady via wrong prescription.

According to the account of the conversation, the doctor believes neither he nor his colleague who prescribed a wrong medication did anything wrong and that the man who told his story is just looking for someone to blame considering he was never around during his wife’s illness.

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You might recall a few days ago a story went viral after a Legon lecturer and Ghana Institute of Languages director told the story of how his wife painfully died at the Ridge Hospital.

He revealed his wife, who was recovering from surgery, was prescribed a wrong medication by a doctor who was not even in charge of her case.

After she was given the wrong medication things took a turn for the worse and she died.

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Another disturbing part of the story is that when the doctor in charge of her case realized she had been given wrong medication, he called the other doctor to scold him and whilst doing so some nurses in the background were laughing.

However, the doctor himself has given their side of the story and shifted blame to the man, claiming he never introduced himself and was never around during his wife’s illness.

Read the account of his side of the story below…

So yesterday I called the resident involved in the Ridge case to find out what exactly happened.

1. The resident was the primary surgeon. It was a case of epigastric hernia.

2. He wrote his post-op notes and post-op orders for 24hr cover with Ceftriaxone because he used a mesh.

3. He reviewed the patient twice after the surgery and when he noticed things were turning south, he started his workup, started 80mg Clexane to cover a differential of PE and then called the Physicians for a review.

4. He took his time to explain what was going on as well as the prognosis to the patient’s sister who wasn’t literate and too keen about the fine details.

5. He didn’t have a convo with the deceased’s husband as he wasn’t around and never introduced himself to the doctor nor asked to speak to any of the doctors for further inquiries.

6. They later found out from the Physicians that they were dealing with an MI, at which time the husband was still not around.

7. He was later going through the treatment chart and realized Cipro and Flagyl had been given instead of the Ceftriaxone in his post-op notes.

8. He walked out of the nurses station into the lobby to speak to the HO privately to read and follow post-op orders. There was no bullying. He had no idea he was being followed by the patient’s husband.

9. He tried to lighten the mood with the HO on the phone after correcting him in good spirit. He also had no idea what the nurses were chatting and giggling about at that time.

10. We now know that the nurses asked another doctor to set a line on a patient that wasn’t his and the doctor retorted jokingly that he’ll consider it as locum since it wasn’t his patient, which cracked up the nurses.

Just another reminder to give your colleague the benefit of the doubt. A bereaved patient will always look for someone or something to blame for their loss.

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