Money Stops All Nonsense – Regina Daniels And Her Moroccan Rival Prove That Polygamy Is Not War

The popular perception about polygamy in contemporary African society is a picture of bickering, backbiting, and never-ending jealousy, a picture that has somehow managed to make the practice an almost outlawed phenomenon in society.

While Africans have somehow been made to believe, largely by some white persons who are completely oblivious of the African cultural context, that gayism and other forms of ‘unnatural sexual perversion’ are perfectly okay, these same whites have managed to convince us that Polygamy is evil and unhealthy.

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Even those who are far enlightened to know that polygamy is not evil or unhealthy, still shudder to embrace the practice because apparently they believe that it will bring nothing but quarrelling and unnecessary bickering.

Perhaps we might all have missed what actually causes the bickering in the first place – ‘COMFORT’. I do not see how there will be any bickering of the sort when everyone’s need is adequately catered for.

This is what the enviable relationship between young Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her Moroccan rival has proven to us. The two ladies, married to a wealthy business mogul, have proven to us that money indeed stops all nonsense.

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Even the billionaire husband himself is proud of the relationship between the rivals that he could not help but share a lovely photo of the two on his Instagram page.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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