No Reasonable Man Would Marry You If You Have More Than One Ear Piercing- A Nigerian Journalist Spews Garbage

A Nigerian entertainment journalist, Abdulhamied is sounding a lot like our very infamous counsellor Lutterodt today.

He has asserted that no reasonable man would waste their money and time to marry a woman at all if they have more than one ear piercing.

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Abdul did not give his reasons, all he said is;

We cannot tell what prompted his post or his reasons for saying this but if we are to take a wild guess, we would say he is saying that because most often than not, people assume that ladies with more than a single piercing are promiscuous and live a life that is nothing to write home about.

We are definitely not concording to this hogwash. People in the first place marry for varied reasons.

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We have seen and heard people marrying call girls and women who the world have considered non-marriage materials and we personally know women have much piercing than can even be brought to book living the best of marriage lives.

His post has since garnered attention on Twitter but we see no reason why we should take anyone who cannot give his assertions any serious.

What do you think?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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