NDC’s Running Mate Will Either Live or Die After the 2020 Elections – Owusu Bempah’s New and Lame Prophecy

NDC vice Presidential candidate Professor Jane Naana Owusu Agyemang is either going to live or die after the 2020 elections, that’s the new prophecy we’re now getting from the great Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah.

Bempah, who during the 2016 U.S elections prophesied that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would win the election – the only two options available – seems to have done it again.

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Bempah at the end of last year prophesied that whoever the NDC chooses as their running mate would die because the NDC has used them for a sacrifice.

After Professor Jane Naana Agyemang was named as the running mate, he was called by Asempa Fm to react to his own prophecy.

According to Owusu Bempah, she might die after the election but then she might also live.

According to him, she’s marked for death but she needs huge prayers from now till a year after the election and her life might be spared.

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In case you’re still not getting it, Bempah is basically saying whatever happens – whether Prof. Naana lives or dies – he has already predicted it.

“I am not saying that if Mahama picks anyone as a running mate, the person will automatically die but if you are chosen as the running mate, you have to do well to raise prayer tower of at least 5 people to pray for you twice a week for your protection,” he said.

He added: “The prayers must continue during and after the election. The NDC will lose the 2020 election but prayers must continue for the woman for 12 months. There is an Islamic clergy who has come out to say that the woman should not sit in her car for 72 hours but I will say the woman should not sit in her car for more than 72 hours. This does not mean she should stop praying every day; she should raise prayer group and they should pray for her every week, at least twice or once a week,”

Bempah continued: “The prayer group should start praying from now up to December 7 and after the December election, they should continue with the prayers for the next 12 months before something will move away.”

These kind of useless prophecies really help no one – it’s just for the pastor to say whatever happens – I’ve predicted it. If Naana dies he would say he said it and if she lives he would say prayers saved her – he cannot lose.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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