It Would Be A Crime to Build A Cathedral When People Are Living In Filth and Poverty – KSM

Ghanaian comedian and satirist Kwaku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM, has called out the government for planning to waste money to build a cathedral.

KSM pointed to the poverty and filth engulfing Accra which needs to be fixed as reasons why wasting money to build a cathedral for God is more than a crime.

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Government has been adamant about constructing a national cathedral with Akufo-Addo claiming it is a promise he made to God which must be fulfilled.

Already land has been allocated to it and funds are being raised to complete it.

KSM fumed about wasting all that money for a cathedral when poverty is still such a big issue in the country.

“Just imagine Ghana, with all respects wanting to build a cathedral of how many millions of dollars? Why? Does God live in that cathedral? I would take you to places in Accra here where you would see the filth and poverty that people are living in,” he fired.

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It is that age-old question, isn’t it? Do our leaders care about us at all? If you look at the number of churches in Ghana why the hell does building a cathedral become a priority?

We don’t even have enough hospitals or schools but for the politicians, wasting money is what they love.

Watch KSM complain in the interview below…


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