He’s An Idol – Fuse ODG Says As he Burns Jesus In Controversial Video

Afrobeats singer Fuse ODG has sparked an online firestorm after burning a photo of the Christian saviour, Jesus Christ.

The UK based star shared a video to his Instagram page burning the image of white Jesus and calling it an idol.

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According to Fuse, that is an image of our oppressors (Europeans/Whites in general) and as Africans, we have to throw that rubbish out of the window.

He wrote: “So much damage has been done under the banner of Christianity and religion in general. If Jesus came back today, I honestly don’t think he would call himself a Christian.

“It’s impossible to look at the fruits of the Catholic church and many other organised religions and conclude they are not the work of Satan himself. (Founding the slave trade, Rape, Genocide , War, Corporate Child Abuse)”

Fuse added that even worshipping an image as we do is wrong since the Bible itself frowns on idol worship.

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“This is not even biblical. If you read the Bible, it specifically tells us not to create any images in the form of a man or a woman or any creature on earth. This is ‘ideology’ and again if you read the Bible there’s nothing that got hate than idol worship. We need to take down these images and worship God in spirit and in truth.”

He added: “This needs to be taken down from every single church in Africa”, before setting the off fire which pissed off the majority of Ghanaian Christians.

The fact is even that image of white Jesus CANNOT be Jesus, since he was quite likely a brown looking Jew if he even existed.

You’ve been worshipping the white man wrongly so why get pissed at Fuse for burning an image that’s not accurate anyway?

Christians need to relax.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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