Bleeding Selly Galley Can’t Stop Crying After KSM Said Actors In Ghana Are Broke

Ghanaian actress and wife of Praye member Cartel Big J, Selly Galley, has come out swinging after veteran satirist KSM said actors in Ghana are generally broke.

Selly could not stomach KSM’s comments and came out crying to show that actors are actually not broke.

Forget the fact we rarely see any super successful Ghanaian movies aside from a few world-class producers like Shirley. Even people like her drop a movie every few years. Where is the money for actors going to come from?

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KSM made the same points but Selly disagreed.

KSM said in a recent chat with Nkonkonsa: “[Actors] do other things to make their money and they use that money to support their acting career. But I don’t know of anyone who has, only on acting, to say I will be counted among the rich people in Ghana because all I do is act; no”, KSM said.

KSM added that only those who break into Nigeria can boast of having some money, “But in Ghana, to say you’re purely living, born, bred and you’re acting in Ghana and that you have cash; oh please! Who’s paying you?”

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However, his comment drew the anger of Selly who came to comment about how all the actors in Ghana are doing so well via endorsement deals.

She wrote: “Actors don’t necessarily have to have a side job. Yes it’s an absolute plus when they do but where is the capital coming from? The platform and brand an actor has is enough to attract endorsements which companies like @riovianskin @betplanetghana and many more are now paying very well for, appearances, collaborations and more. There are many top actors in Ghana who are living just off these and are doing well. Their passion is paying off without any side jobs. Really well. Even if the monies paid from movies, endorsements and so on are not that much, little drops of water indeed makes a mighty ocean.
But I can assure you companies are paying artistes very well in these times. Build a solid brand and you’re good to go!”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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