Cris Waddle Celebrates Medikal For Being So Grateful And Appreciative Than His Own Family

AMG business label boss Criss Waddle has heaped praises on his signee Medikal for being an appreciative and grateful human being than his own family and friends.

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The subject of helping human beings and such persons showing appreciation in return is a very widely discussed one in this country. With regards to the showbiz industry, it is even more topical.

However, Medikal has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that he really appreciates the role his boss and mentor Waddle has played in his life, having used every platform available to show gratitude.

Now it appears even Cris Waddle himself has realized the magnitude of gratitude his signee has for him, taking to Twitter to celebrate the popular rapper for being appreciative.

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He wrote, “Till today 29-July-2020 at exactly 2:57 pm I can confirm that I still haven’t met anyone that’s as grateful and appreciative as @AmgMedikal, not even my family & friends I grew up with”.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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