Beyonce Knows Shatta Is Popular So She’s Using Him to Spread Satan Worship – Social Media User Drops Bombshell Allegation

A social media user claims that Beyonce and Shatta Wale’s ‘Already’ video is promoting satan worship.

In a lengthy post on social media, Facebook user Eric Kwetey claims that there are signs in the video which point to it being satanic.

Kwetey points to some imagery which he claims are satanic and occultic.

He said Beyonce knows Shatta Wale is popular so she’s using him to promote her ideas of satanic worship.

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Ghanaians are always on the lookout for these so-called ‘freemason’ imagery in foreign music videos so it’s only a matter of time before something like this came out.

This sounds more like a bleeding Sark nation fan than an intelligent, rational person making an argument.

Checkout the post below…


It’s very obvious, the average Ghanaian youth will be proud of a Ghanaian collaborating with a big US musician. What’s more obvious is how their joy may cause them to miss some key things they need to pay attention to, and be cautious of.

I’m really not a fan of this type of music, but the noise being made by some youth has forced me to watch the music clip titled “Already, by Beyonce and Shatta Wale”.

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Anyone who knows Beyonce well will know she is very skilful in how she projects BAPHOMET in her music videos and live performances. Well, if you don’t know who or what Baphomet is, let me explain briefly. “Baphomet is a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping, and that subsequently was incorporated into occult and mystical traditions”. Today, all churches of Satan and high profile occult groups have a statue or symbol of Baphomet sitting at the most important place in their meetings and is the object of veneration. I wish I could share an image.

Baphomet has the appearance of a man with goat-like features. It has the body of a man and the head of a goat with horns. It has wings like an angel (fallen angel) and breasts like a woman. It basically represents Satan (this is known by the illuminati, skull & bones society and the many other deep secret societies across the world). You can do more search on Google.

As I watched the video of the song, I was very keen to see how Beyonce will cleverly depict Baphomet, and lo and behold she never disappointed. These are some of the evidence:

1. At one point, there was a scene of a lot of goats shown in the video. It was relevant for Beyonce because Baphomet is goat-like and showing goats in the video helps in the “enchantment”. It helps drive, subtly, into the minds of viewers the object being marketed by the video. But truly, that scene of goats is useless for Shatta Wale or the people of Ghana.

2. In another scene, Beyonce was wearing a costume (black and white) just like the skin of a goat that has black-white skin (Pay attention, you’ll see). The significance of her wearing that costume is that she is representing the object she is marketing in the video.

3. In another scene, Shatta Wale was seated in what looked like a throne with several goat skins attached to a wall behind him. Well, you may be tempted to think goat skin is used by northern chiefs in Ghana so that’s justifiable. But forget it; it’s far from that. Goat skin is more or less a symbol of kingship in northern parts of Ghana. Kingship also represents authority. With the goat skins behind Shatta Wale, it basically implies the authority of the one seated on the throne comes from the authority behind his throne. Of course, as I said, the goat skin represents Baphomet (the goat-like man, who is widely considered as satan in the occult circles).

4. In another scene, Beyonce had on her head the horns of a goat and what looked like a sun disc affixed to the horns. Those who know Egyptian symbols and gods will understand what the sun disc and horns represent. You can find them on the head of Isis. Isis was an Egyptian mythical goddess, known as the wife of Osiris, the mythical Egyptian Lord of the underworld. To those who care to know, some of these high profile occult groups have their roots in Egypt. (Do your research about the root of free masonry and other secret societies).

Now, to take you back in the clip, pay attention to how the whole clip started. They can give several concepts for it, as a way to say Africans don’t know who they are and they are being told they are kings. But look, anyone who wants to influence you in the way Baphomet (satan) desires will first make you feel you don’t know who you are, just so you will desire to know who you are from him. There, the brainwash comes in. It’s an old trick of Satan and he uses many of these new age religions and science to execute that in our days.

Pay attention to how the characters in the video placed their hands on their eyes as the video commenced (like the “blinded” Adam and Eve; and Beyonce standing in the tree, like of course, the serpent was in the tree telling Adam and Eve they will be enlightened). The guys in the clip were half naked and appeared to have been blindfolded and Beyonce also dressed in a costume that appears as though she is naked. They were all in a setting like a bush. Remember Adam and Eve in the garden? Remember how the serpent made them feel they were blind and that they needed to be enlightened by eating the fruit? How they trusted the words of the serpent because they believe he was right?

Look, there are more hidden codes in the video I wish I can discuss, but it seems my writing is getting too lengthy.

Apart from that, don’t be deceived to think Shatta Wale is the King Beyonce is promoting😀. Don’t be fooled. She is marketing Baphomet (Satan) in disguise and Satan has always been touted the ruler (king) of this world. Shatta Wale is just a representation of an object of great influence like of course, Satan is, considering the crowd he (Shatta Wale) pulls in Ghana. The lyric “king already” makes perfect sense because satan is already considered king of this world. The whole thing must be made in a crafty way so the gullible will not detect. So people are celebrating Shatta Wale as king. Yes of cause, many may be too distracted to read between the lines.

Don’t be deceived. Beyonce truly didn’t need Shatta Wale for anything, except for one thing: Shatta Wale has a huge following and it will be easy for her to achieve her aim of influence on a larger, gullible group.

I may be too early in my critique of this video. It’s actually my first time of doing this. I just felt like doing this. They will attempt to give you all the excuses they have to try to justify every act in each scence, but if you care to know, go and do your research and watch several of Beyonce’s videos. You will understand what I’m talking about. Before you even attempt to insult me or criticise me, take a little time to research a few of what I mentioned. Then, you can criticise me.

Wish I could go ahead to do further critique of every scene, but I will hold it here.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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