CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghanaian Celebrities, Their Fake Lifestyles and Their Secret Dirty Financiers

When you deal with our “celebrities” for a long time and you become really connected, you become aware of the facade and then you can’t be bothered with them.

From those still renting at posh places and claiming they’ve bought it to those who fight over some old men financing their lifestyles, the market is indeed a dirty one.

Envy no one and certainly don’t tap into anyone’s blessing because it’s not what you really think.

Last week, I got into a conversation about how bad the husband of a popular Ghanaian celebrity beats her all the time. He doesn’t even come home when he goes out for days. Yet, people will be out there, unaware of the home torture and solely reliant on the fakery the celebrity presents about her marriage to the public will be aspiring or praying for same marriage.

Do you really want to marry a man who will beat you every time at home?

Forget whatever you see on social media.

Sometimes, ask yourself this—these celebrities who claim to be actors and actresses at average get paid not more than 3,000 GHS for a movie. Some even do not get paid at all. Our own Kofi Adjorlolo was fighting a film-maker over 500 cedis.

And yet, they will be flaunting on social media million-dollar lifestyles.

Ask yourself this: if they are able to flaunt everything including what they even drink, why don’t they show us their partners or boyfriends? It’s not a matter of privacy because they already show us almost everything. They are hiding something.

If some are driving in a posh car, just shake your head and move on. You probably wouldn’t be attracted to the real owner or can’t do what they did to be driving that car.

They will claim they have invisible businesses or some will open a boutique with 3 clothes and 2 shoes in there—to claim that is the source of their mighty income.

Be wise, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself or anyone. In truth, your life is better than most of these people if we told you the truth about them.

Tracey Boakye said she has bought 3 mansions in Accra including at East Legon within a few years—-now the real owner of these mansions has been revealed.

These so-called celebrities huh! Just live your life and have fun within your means as life is short.

Check out the videos below…


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