CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: After All, Moesha is Not That Bad and the Only Ashawobrity in Town

When I founded GhanaCelebrities.Com about 12 years ago, I coined a word called ‘Ashawobrity’ which I defined as: Ashawobrity: (Noun)—”A female Ghanaian who claims to be a celebrity and sleeps with men for financial gains—and to fund her lavish lifestyle which she sometimes proudly showcases on social media as self-achieved.”

In the early days, it was difficult to pin-point one of such persons but soon, Moesha became the poster girl—after she confirmed on CNN that she is an ‘ashawobrity.’

Moesha was roasted by the public and shunned by her own colleagues—for she was the Jezebel of our time, the mother of open prostitution.

But then in the shadows, she was not even a real contender—the baller ashawobrities were lying to us day in and night that everything they were showcasing on social media were achieved on the back of their efforts.

However, it soon became obvious to many of us who have industry connections, and now apparent to the masses that more and more of these girls are also ‘ashawobrities.’

Until the self-confession of Tracey Boakye as a woman who is sleeping with someone’s husband and everything she has once claimed to have achieved by her own efforts are indeed provided by the benevolence of this invisible married man—who would have believed that she was engaged in the same ‘dirty’ business as Moesha?

What about Mzbel? Did you ever think she was as dangerous as Moesha?

And it is not just these people—the list is endless. Your favourite celebrity is probably doing it too.

The lack of correlation between their lifestyle and their income just gives them away. Time has a way of exposing these people. It has taken about 10 years for my coined word “ashawobrity” to be proven as widespread than I even envisaged or foresaw.

This post was published on August 6, 2020 2:20 PM

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