Nigel Gaisie Was Waiting for Me In A T-Shirt and Boxer Shorts When I Visited Him In My Nightie – Mzbel Drops More Secrets

Mzbel has revealed that Prophet Nigel Gaisie was waiting for her in his office wearing only a t-shirt and a boxer shorts that fateful night when she visited him at his office.

Mzbel in a live video released today has warned Nigel Gaisie that the next time he tries to tarnish her name in the public eye, she will release the full story of what happened to her at the hands of the pastor.

Mzbel’s reaction is coming after Tracey Boakye, during their recent beef, alleged that Mzbel visited Nigel Gaisie in a nightie at midnight to seduce him and then blackmailed him for Ghc 50,000.

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An angry Mzbel said Nigel is the one feeding Tracey the info, therefore, she has to come out and set the record straight.

According to the singer, she was at home when Nigel Gaisie called her to come since he has a very important message for her.


She said she was sleeping when she got the message therefore she was wearing just a robe and rushed to Nigel’s church because she thought he had something important for her.

However, when she got to the office the man was wearing just a boxer shorts and a t-shirt, apparently ready to have s*x with her.

Mzbel said he tried taking photos with her and also tried forcing his hand into her robe but she resisted.

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She added that she managed to leave but that he managed to get her at another chance and do whatever he did to her that she’s not revealing.

Mzbel, however, says this is her last warning to Nigel. According to her, the next time Nigel tries to tarnish her image by telling other people that she’s blackmailing him, she would reveal the full story!

Mzbel said the only reason she’s keeping quiet is that some very important people begged her on behalf of the pastor but if she hears that he alleges she’s blackmailing him again, she would forget everything and reveal the full story!

Mzbel added that for the avoidance of doubt, she did not take any money from Nigel and that no amount of money can compensate her for what Nigel did to her.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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