Adukus Solicitors – Ghanaian Man Wins Months Long Legal Battle to Be Granted A UK Visa To Get His Sister’s Corpse Back Home

This is a story of tragedy with a cloud of happiness and smile at the end.

My work as an Immigration Law expert over the years has brought me satisfaction beyond anything I ever envisaged—and yesterday, the cup was filled with even more when a client I helped to cut down his many years of stress called to pour out his gratitude.

Somewhere in March 2020, I got a called from an older Ghanaian man who resides in Holland. He was devastated by the death of her sister in the UK—as he had not been able to see her sister for many years.

Though this man lives in Holland, he does not have an EU passport yet (he holds a Permanent Residence there) and therefore needs a visa to visit the UK, an exercise he has tried many times with headaches and without success.

Even when his sister was sick, he couldn’t get the visa to come and see her and then she sadly died. You can imagine the pain.

Without any family member in the UK, the body of his deceased sister was in the hands of the UK authorities. She had died in February after a short illness.

Then coronavirus hit the world—with UK visa centres closed and air travel restrictions in place, it became impossible to even submit a visa application for this man after I accepted his instructions to secure him a visa to come and pay his final respect to his sister and arrange for her burial.

From March to August, the authorities were also getting impatient—and at one point, they even wrote to him that if he is unable to make it to the UK in a few weeks, they will bury the sister and provide him a footage of the event. You can once again imagine the uncertainty and distress this will create for this man.

We informed the Council and authorities dealing with the deceased sister to give us a few more weeks on the back of hope that things were opening up.

The moment it was possible, I submitted his application which I had months to prepare, solidly, for him—citing reasons and arguments as to how he meets the requirements of the Immigration Rule, Appendix V for visitors and why he must be granted the requested visa to facilitate his entry to the UK.

Yesterday, he picked his passport up with the visa in Amsterdam—and he says, tears started dropping.

This legal profession can be stressful but with such outcomes, it is always worth it.

If you wish to visit the UK or have been refused a visa to the UK including a visitor’s visa, Call Adukus Solicitors in London now and our UK Immigration experts will provide the needed assistance to get the refusal overturned if deemed to be unreasonable.
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