Wicked Ghanaian Pastor Supports Murderer Sylvester Ofori – Claims Satan Made the Pastor Kill His Wife

A very clueless, wicked and insensitive Ghanaian pastor known as Daniel Darkwah has decided that he’s going to support the murderer known as Pastor Sylvester Ofori who is currently awaiting trial for killing his wife.

Pastor Ofori, in case you’ve been living under some rock, murdered his wife in cold blood earlier this week. He shot her multiple times outside her workplace, leading to her death.

Since his wife Barbara died, it has emerged that he has been abusing her mercilessly and that she was in the process of trying to divorce him.

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In fact, he was once so abusive that her brother came to their house to kick him out. Before leaving, he promised his ‘akonta’ that he’ll murder his wife.

He then went ahead to murder her just as he had promised.

Basically, Pastor Ofori is a scumbag murderer who deserves to be sentenced to death – either in prison or by capital punishment.

However, another Ghanaian pastor is somehow defending this man, claiming that his actions are caused by Satan.

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One pastor Daniel Darkwah wrote on social media: “Prophet Sylvester Ofori and beautiful wife Babra Ofori.I know how you both love each other only satan can cause such drama and hurt both of you in the process.

Prophet you are still loved by me and my wife and we will bear you in prayer in this very difficult time you are in.

We ask that God forgives you and you forgive yourself for taking the life of another not just anyone but Babra. Babra I know how much you love Sylvester you won’t even wish for revenge on this I pray your soul Rest In Peace and May all your family and affected ones be comforted.

Let’s pray for each other it could happen to anyone.i know your ministry will even be greater in prison we don’t know what God will bring out of this mess.

Daniel & debbie will love you both forever. God is the Judge here not me.

Satan has yet to kill anyone as far as we can prove. Whneever weak humans commit atrocities then they try to blame the devil but every man is responsible for their own actions.

Finally, any man who defends such a monster as pastor Ofori is a monster themselves!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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