Sarkodie Causes Stir After Flaunting Macho Man to Help Him Assault Fraudster Dr. UN

Sarkodie told us Ghanaian blatantly last week that the next time he meets Dr. UN, he’s going to land a slap on the legendary scammer’s neck.

His anger comes after being beautifully scammed by the infamous Dr. UN, who organized a fake awards scheme in the name of the UN and Kofi Annan.

Sarkodie, D-Black and other celebrities dressed in their best clothes to go and receive the award, only to later find out it was fake.

Sark then released a single titled ‘Gimme Way’ with Bright to talk about the awards scheme. According to him he wasted his time attending that event when he could have stayed home making love to Tracy.

He then added he plans to assault Dr. UN whenever they meet again.

Sarkodie has dropped the video for the single and we spotted a huge macho man in the video as Sarkodie was rapping about beating Dr. UN.

Whenever Sark plans to dish out this beating to Dr. UN, we expect to see this macho man there to help lol!

Watch the ‘Gimme Way’ video below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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