Afia Schwarzenegger Hates Akuapem Poloo Because of Cardi B – Nana Tonardo Drops All the Keys – Video

Nana Tonardo has come out of his hole to come and attack Afia Schwarzenegger for her attacks on Akuapem Poloo today.

Tonardo is one of the big time celebs in Ghana who once upon a time used to be besties with Afia but eventually became enemies.

Today Akuapem Poloo is going through exactly what Tonardo went through with Afia Schwar so Nana has decided to stand with Akuapem Poloo.

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In a video released via social media, Tonardo said Afia Schwarzenegger is envious and jealous of Akuapem Poloo.

Tonardo said Afia started hating Poloo after Cardi B came to Ghana to meet our celebs and she didn’t show up for hours to the meet and greet.

Angry with Cardi B’s delay, most of the celebs left but humble Akuapem Poloo waited until eventually Cardi came down and she managed to hang out with her.

She thus managed to gain a lot of exposure from Cardi B and Tonardo says that has made Afia jealous of Poloo.

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He added that since then Afia has hated Poloo and is now attempting to bring her down because she’s becoming too famous.

In case you’re not in the loop, Afia Schwarzenegger surprisingly attacked Akuapem Poloo this morning.

She said Akuapem Poloo begged her in the past to insult her so she would trend but she refused and instead helped her to become someone.

She then accused Poloo of betraying her after she helped her.

However, Tonardo says that’s all a lie but that Afia simply hates Poloo for becoming more famous than she is.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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