Shatta Wale Has Allegedly Been Misusing Efia Odo Without Giving her Even A Pesewa – Secrets Drop

There is a scandal brewing on Instagram between Afia Schwarzenegger, Akuapem Poloo, Instagram blogger thosecalledcelebs and a cosmetic products seller which is just tons of fun for the rest of us to follow.

Afia Schwarzenegger earlier today attacked Akuapem Poloo who is currently under fire over her leaked video.

Afia posted a screenshot of an old message Poloo sent her asking for Afia to insult her so she can trend.

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Afia added that after helping Poloo to become famous, Akuapem Poloo betrayed her by trying to tell a cosmetic company Afia was doing business with that her skin is black.

So how did Efia Odo enter this mess? Instagram blogger thosecalledcelebs has been trying to defend Akuapem Poloo from Afia Schwarzenegger’s attacks.

In a few posts, she has pointed the finger of blame at the owner behind the cosmetic company Afia is claiming Poloo betrayed her to – Pinamang cosmetics.

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That pinamang woman is soo soo evil….why does she lie liadat?? U same woman tell bad stuffs about Shwar to Poloo…u tell bad stuffs about Efia kako to poloo…u even told Poloo dat…Medikal n Fella u gave dem just 1000ghc for all de advert dey r doing cux MDK cried to u dat…sign him as an AMBASSADOR cux de FBI has started investigating his wealth n he wanna use ur advert to cover his fraud business….u also told Poloo dat…Tracey Boakye advert is freeeee….u didn't give her a penny….u went n bragged to people dat…u paid Shatta 1 million dollars for the reign perfume meanwhile it were all lies…..u dat woman is suffering from Bipolar…u know paaa s33 ur creams ain't working good on these celebs but u try soo hard to sell to de public by using celebrities influence to sell wats not good n later bring fight between dem….I will post all ur voice mail Insulting other celebs including Shwar u sent to poloo on ma platform….ur madness will tear from ur eyes ….mark it….u even said dat…Wen u use Shwar to sell ur products…it doesn't go well cux of her dark elbows n multi skin colours……u Shwar confirmed to Poloo dat…..wen u uses Pinaman products…u get skin rashes n it spoils ur skin so u only doing de advert for de woman for ur money but to use her cream on ur body paaaa de3…lailai . . Poloo herself doesn't use ur cream but she is an AMBASSADOR….wat r u insinuating?? U devil old woman??? Why creating fights between celebs ?? U are mad ankasa n we gonna expose u big time….Nexttime

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According to the IG blogger, the pinamang lady has been gossiping about all the celebrities to each other and she’s rather the one who people should be angry at.

To prove it she shared a receipt the lady sent to Akuapem Poloo showing that she once paid Ghc 10,000 to help Efia Odo get a sofa in her room.

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The lady is also alleged to have told Poloo that Shatta Wale has been misusing Efia Odo without giving her a penny.

So that is how Odo’s name managed to enter this complicated beef.

Check out thosecalledcelebs’ post below…

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