Gyan Brothers Accused of Assault Again – Allegedly Beat Up Ghanaian Businessman Over A Disputed Game of Tennis

A Ghanaian businessman known as Godwin Martey has revealed that he was assaulted by both Gyan brothers – Asamoah and Baffour – after a game of tennis.

Martey said he was playing Asamoah Gyan with Baffour Gyan as the referee.

However, Baffour kept cheating him in favour of Asamoah so he got annoyed and started complaining which brought about the assault.

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He narrated what happened to myjoyonline.

“Most of these controversial points that were in my favour, Baffour Gyan was giving the point to Asamoah Gyan. At a point, I became a bit uncomfortable with it. So there was a particular point that to me was obvious that the ball was good, and Baffour Gyan insisted that the point was for Asamoah Gyan,” he said.

Angry at how he was being treated, he said he went to sit by the sidelines to stop playing but the Gyan brothers were not happy with that and started berating him.

“My friend shut up and stand there and play,” he claims Baffour shouted at him.

“Then he came down and came to hit me that ‘my friend go there, I say go and play’. He was hitting me to go and play,” he added.

“As he was hitting me, Asamoah Gyan came in support of what Baffour was doing – assaulting me.”

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Martey added that he is going to sue the brothers for their actions towards him.

Asamoah’s brother Baffour has in the past been in trouble with the law for assault. He reportedly attacked a journalist for asking Asamoah Gyan questions about Castro’s disappearance.

He appears to be Asamoah Gyan’s bodyguard who attacks others in anger when something happens his brother doesn’t like.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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