Kobi Rana Is A BULLY – Offers Ghc 500 to Expose the Phone Number of Lady Who Attacked Selly Galley

I guess we’re now in a world where two wrongs make a right and any awful behaviour can be excused just because someone made a stupid mistake they apologized for.

Some Ghanaian celebrities are now showing their ugly side as they come out in droves to attack the girl who foolishly called Selly Galley a horror face and a barren woman.

In fact, not only are they attacking her, they’re now entering the realm of cyberbullying which should be a big no-no.

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Kobi Rana has offered Ghc 500 to any person who exposes the phone number of the lady.

According to him he’s not going to rest until the lady is exposed and she runs away from Ghana.

Finding someone’s contact and posting it online is a big no-no. Kobi is inviting lots more bullying for this lady who has seen the error of her ways and already apologized.

It seems celebrities who have stored anger in them are now unleashing everything on this one lady and are using her behaviour as an excuse for their own inexcusable behaviour.

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You can’t condemn what she did to Selly then turn around and do even worse to her out of some misguided feeling of righteous anger. This is going too far.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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