VIDEO: Ghanaian Woman Throws ‘Husband’s’ Clothes Out for Inability to Pay Rent—the Illusion of Love

Ghanaian woman throws husband’s clothes out

Let me tell you about these two things—life and love.

I am naturally a sceptic, and perhaps that’s why I am like this—and society has for many times confirmed this, on its own path.

You were born somewhere and then you spend your life going through this thing called life. Another person was born somewhere, and did the same.

One day or eventually you meet each other and then ‘fall in love.’ Where was the love for this particular person before you met them? If that person did not exist, would you not have loved another or do you say you would have loved the imaginary person?

The above resonates with my idea that something drives this concept of love—and mostly it is immediate and future comfort or needs. Love is not necessarily an abstract. Even if it exists in the hearts of every person—we do not love everyone the same and in the same way. Therefore, something causes and shapes it—and comfort is the oxygen that keeps the bush burning.

We all know what brings comfort, even the slightest of it, in this our world.

A lot of men, especially those abroad, absurdly forget what makes them men and the fact that they matter today because they are here and probably because they have a stake in affairs, determined by the might of their pocket.

My friend died about 3 years ago, leaving behind a wife and children. Today, the wife has a new boyfriend whom the children called Dad. That’s life, everything continues without you—though we love to think we matter a lot.

Ebony is gone, Bullet is threading Wendy Shay. Let me not digress.

So the man and woman must remember that before they met, they were perfectly independent and no one woke up each day sick purely because the person he or she was to love, had not come their way. When the two meet, they decide to form a union and nurture love, nourished by strong economic factors.

Yet, a lot of Ghanaian men sell their positions, and make decisions which do not protect their today and future economic interest—some so bad that, it gets to a time they are not even able to pay the rent and keep a roof over the heads of the people they claim to love.

And when this happens, some women will save you the pain and throw you out like we see in this video—just 2 months after they resume the rent payment. Others will take longer but each day will pass with the erosion of your dignity as a man who married a woman.

So, I always tell my male friends this: when it comes to economic decisions, try to mostly ignore the pathos of the woman, and stick to your logos.

No love is beautiful on an empty stomach and brokenness. This man has learnt it the hard way and many more will learn.

Check out the video below…


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