Snapchat Slay Queen Exposed After Trying to Blackmail Rich Sugar Daddy for Cash By Claiming he Raped Her

A social media slay queen known as ‘Nyamewaa’ on IG has fallen into trouble with the law after trying to blackmail her friend’s rich boyfriend.

Nyamewaa claims Jeff, popularly known as ‘Too Much Money’, raped her on July 10, 2020 during a mutual s*xual encounter they had together.

A friend of hers has taken to social media to claim that Nyamewaa was raped by ‘Too Much Money’.

However, Nyamewaa is actually alleged to have engaged in consensual s*x with her own friend’s boyfriend just for an iPhone.

In July this year, Jeff’s girlfriend Nella informed him that she had a friend (Nyamewaa) who was celebrating her birthday and she wanted to host her party.

Jeff agreed and Nella hosted the event in his house.

After the event, Jeff and Nyamewaa got to chatting on Snapchat and agreed on a time and date to meet in Jeff’s house to enjoy each other.

Jeff promised Nyamewaa an iPhone 11 Pro which she enthusiastically received after having s*x with her friend’s boyfriend and even hitting him with some powerful ‘styles’.

Nyamewaa celebrated her new phone on Snapchat the same day the mutual s*xual encounter took place.

After the bedroom encounter, which happened in July, she asked for more money to help her set up a shop in Madina, Accra but Jeff ignored her.

Due to Jeff refusing her unreasonable request, Nyamewaa allegedly then concocted a story with her bestie to claim she was raped, with the allegations being splashed all over social media.

The case of defamation and s*xtortion was then reported at the Police Headquarters who have invited Nyamewaa to come and give a statement but she has refused to do so.

Instead, more allegations are flying on social media by Nyamewaa and her best friend whilst they avoid the police.

At the moment the issue is a police case and we’ll bring readers more info as events unfold.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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