Sarkodie Cowardly Runs Away from Akufo-Addo Endorsement After Fans Bashed Him Nonstop

Sarkodie has started running away from his endorsement of President Nana Akufo-Addo after being bashed nonstop by his fans for going political.

Sarkodie now claims he was praising all governments and not just the NPP in his ‘Happy Day’ song.

Earlier today, Sarkodie released a song known as ‘Happy Day’ featuring Kuami Eugene in which he endorsed the NPP for 4 more years.

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Sarkodie rapped praising Nana Addo for ending ‘dumsor’ and starting the free SHS program.

He said Nana deserves to ‘toaso’ and ended by saying ‘the battle is the Lord’s’, which is a well-known NPP slogan.

However, his open NPP support annoyed numerous fans and they slammed him on social media for taking a side in politics.

Sark is now trying to walk back his endorsement but has done it in such a clueless way he has angered even more people.

Akufo-Addo tweeted out praise of Sarkodie after listening to the ‘Happy Day’ song.

“Nice song. Indeed, the battle is still the Lord’s. #4More4Nana” the President’s twitter handle posted earlier today.

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However, Sarkodie also replied that his song is not an endorsement but he’s just praising all governments and that he will also be criticizing the NPP.

He even used a proverb to try and claim the President is doing ‘ahohyehye’!!!

Unsurprisngly the President’s twitter account has deleted the praise they gave to Sarkodie and now he’s being bashed again for his behaviour.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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