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Funny Face’s Baby Mama Is Allegedly Pregnant Again But he’s Not Taking Care of Her Rather Insulting Her

Funny Face recently hinted that he could be having a baby boy soon, pledging to name that son after his best friend and sugar daddy Emmanuel Adebayor.

It has emerged that his estranged baby mama Vanessa, mother of his famous twins Ella and Bella, is the same woman pregnant for him again.

Funny Face has once again entered his ‘bipolar’ phase as he started raining insults on Maame Yeboah Asiedu and his baby mama over the weekend.

He always does this, just spark a beef out of the blue, insults the whole world until his ‘madness’ passes.

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This time his targets are his baby mama and Yeboah Asiedu.

He insulted Maame Yeboah Asiedu endlessly for no discernible reason.

Based on rumours out there, it appears Funny Face is angry with her because she’s aware of the alleged abuses he was inflicting on his baby mama.

Funny Face’s baby mama has come out to say there was a time he beat her up so bad she had to go and stay with Asiedu for 4 days.

She claims she finally got fed up of his abuse and left him.

According to reports, however, she’s currently pregnant with another child for Funny Face – she got pregnant before dumping him.

He has allegedly abandoned her in Kumasi to fend for herself despite her pregnancy and the only one taking care of her is Maame Yeboah Asiedu.

In that case it’s baffling to understand why he would decide to attack her although Funny Face claims its because she is standing between him and his happinness with his wife and kids.

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You would recall some months back Funny Face attacked Lilwin, Kalybos and others claiming they were behind his baby mama leaving him.

Now he’s turned that anger on Maame Yeboah Asiedu, reason why I keep insisting there is something really off about this guy’s mental state!

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