Another Sidechick Smoked Out? – Meet Kenyan Woman Alleged to Be Mahama’s Sidechick He Built A Mansion for – Photo

A bleeding Afia Schwarzenegger is out there revealing secrets about the NDC.

Afia has dropped a photo of a Kenyan woman she claims is the sidechick of former President John Dramani Mahama.

Afia is angry after her twins were trolled for being dumb.

Social media is calling for Afia to release the results of her kids WASSCE to show how well they did in the free SHS she has been praising for months now!

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That has pissed off Afia who attributes the trolling to NDC and is attacking them once again.

According to her, she’s angry and is going to release secrets of Mahama.

Afia claims Mahama used taxpayer money to build a mansion for a Kenyan woman who is his sidechick.

“Dear NDC My children by the grace of God and the support of the good policy of Free Shs,my children passed with flooding colours.. with their lowest bern C4…. If Farida whose father has been accused of mismanagement of the country’s money is wiser than my kids raised by a single mother..it is Just becos I Afia Sikabediden is Not a thief. Neither did I use anyone’s money to build a mansion for a Kenyan woman. I told you people not to dare me but foolishness won’t permit you. Post your shs report n I will post children’s reports Nkurasifuormma.. Free Shs is better than investing in Kenyan p*ssy…gyimiii Ndc and foolishness fe3 we all know!!!! And my children with F 7 won’t end up like you …read that phrase again!” she wrote.

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Afia also shared a passport of the lady she claims to be Mahama’s sidechick with the name Nzuve Irene Ndanu.

Check out her allegations against Mahama below…

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This post was published on November 20, 2020 1:55 PM

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