18-Year-Old SHS Student Narrates How Her Headmaster Raped Her In School

18-Year-Old General Arts student of Peki Senior High School, Enyonam, has narrated how her headmaster forcefully had s3x with her on many occasion.

Enyonam who was impregnated by her boyfriend during the lockdown said her headmaster, Jonathan Agbley did not mind her pregnancy but had s3x with her.

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“On the 15th of this month [November], about 4 pm, a girl came to call me that our headmaster said we should come to his house. So I dressed up and followed her to the headmaster’s house.”

“She gave a package to the headmaster and then he asked her to go back to the campus because he had somethings to discuss with me, after that, I will join her, so she left.”

“The headmaster asked me to sit in a chair beside him. When I sat down, he told me that he is now aware that I am pregnant and then per what he learned if someone is pregnant you need to be having sex.”

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“Because the guy who impregnated me is not on campus he will take me as his daughter and then do everything that will be needed. So what he is about to do, I shouldn’t draw the attention of anybody in the house otherwise what he will do to me I will not like it.”

The student added that the headmaster lied to him that she will give birth to a disabled child if she does not have constant sex when she is pregnant.

”So what they taught him was that, if you are 3 months pregnant and you don’t have sex, you will give birth to a disabled child. Either the leg of the child will not be in form or he or she will be blind. After that, he forced and had sex with me”, she said.

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Enyonam said the rape has affected her health as she experiences persistent abdominal pains and robs her off her sleep making it difficult for her to concentrate in class.

It is reported that Enyonam is not the only student Mr. Abley has had sex with as a matter of fact, it is not news in Peki Senior High School that the headmaster is an alleged pedophile and takes advantage of female students.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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