CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Good Christian Kennedy Agyepong Reportedly Marries A 3rd Wife Amidst Christianity’s Polygamy Fluidity

Kennedy Agyepong reportedly marries a 3rd wife

While the idea of one man-one woman is seriously entertained by modern Christians, their religious text, the Bible, makes a vivid mockery of this practice—in the face of the fact that many of the esteemed prophets of the Christian God had more than 1 wife and nowhere does the Bible explicitly prohibit polygamy.

Kennedy Agyepong, Ghanaian legislator, Christian, and somewhat slayer of Ghanaian false prophets has married a 3rd wife, according to reports by GhanaCelebrities.Com.

The millionaire lawmaker is said to have several Baby Mamas, 22 children and at least 2 wives already. His influence, power, blessing, grace and wide family perch him up there, as some sort of modern day Abraham.

Why would Kennedy Agyepong, a Christian like many others marry more than 1 wife and have so many children outside marriage?

To me, the answer to the above question is grounded in three spheres—the obvious lack of any existing religious prohibition, affordability and because he is a man.

Modern day Christians argue that God always intended for monogamous relationships and that is why he created just Adam and Eve. But this interpretation of the creational intention of Yahweh falls flat on its face when you consider it alongside the lives of the various prophets of God—who had close and directly communication with God.

If God cherishes and always intended for a man to marry just one woman, why didn’t he tell his prophets about this? Moses had two wives, Gideon had many wives; Elkanah, a godly man and the father of Samuel, had two wives.

King David, the “man after God’s own heart,” had eight wives. David’s son, Solomon, per Deuteronomy 17:16-17 had “too many” wives. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Jacob and many others lived a polygamous life, akin to the life of Kennedy Agyepong—and God stayed pleased with them. In fact, God blessed them in abundance.

During and post the life of Jesus Christ, God did not decree that polygamy was forbidden—and many men, including Abijah who is said to have grown “in strength– married fourteen wives and had twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters.”- 2 Chronicles 13:21.

It’s clear from the various Biblical stories and the lives of those who were close to God that, Yahweh, who does not change, condones polygamy.

And therefore, the main obstacle to this form of relationship, comparing the zeitgeist of the Biblical era to that of the 21st century is the economic welfare of the man—as well as the influx of certain liberal ideas meant to structure and restrain our family systems.

The lack of any robust precedent in support of monogamy in Christian Theology means that Kennedy Agyepong remains a good Christian despite the addition of a 3rd wife—and despite the possible addition of more in the future.


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