Despite His Weed Obsession, Patapa’s White Woman Agrees to Become His Wife—A Clear Indication That Love Is Uniquely Blind

Patapa, the non-serious Ghanaian musician married his white woman-Liha Miller over the weekend at a ceremony at Swedru, attended by family and friends.

The love-story of the musician and his new German wife is unique—one that captures the fact that love is uniquely blind, and that love can sometimes be an embodiment of unfettered risk-taking.

It takes a lot for a white woman, almost green to Ghana, to leave the comfort of her home country to travel to Ghana to marry a quasi-star, who serves as a leading comic relief in the Ghanaian music industry.

For the best and enviable part, Patapa and his wife appear to be deeply in love and they have showcased their intention to live permanently together with a marriage, an event which could possibly even earn Patapa and his offsprings an European citizenship—and offer him a better life than he seeks to ever achieve in Ghana with the sort of nonsensical songs he champions.

Patapa marries Liha Miller

While we celebrate the nuptial of Patapa and wish him well, we must not forget to remember him in prayers on the back of public information that his obsession with weed-smoking can cause serious problems in his marriage.

If you are not in the known, at Patapa’s first and only Europe tour (during which he reportedly met his now wife), it was reported that the cost of the weed he smoked was more than his entire returns/profit—as only 3 people reportedly showed up for his concert in Norway. The promoters who took him on the tour were said to be perplexed by his outrageous weed demands and obsessions—with speculation at the time having it that he smoked about 80 euros of weed in 4 days.

Perhaps, Patapa is unaware—his wife has taken a serious risk with him and he should not break her heart or turn her into a scandalous news item to be devoured by the pool of semi-educated folks, parading themselves as bloggers within the Ghanaian social media landscape.

Undeniably, Papata’s wife seems like a good woman. She has been seen supporting him on various stages when everyone else out there was just to laugh at his performance or music. She has invested in him and she deserves his love and respect.

This post was published on January 4, 2021 8:28 AM

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