2021 Should Spare Us the Tracy Boakye Baloney, Mzbel’s Unfettered Ridiculousness, Afia Schwarzenegger’s Unending Lies and It Should Cripple the Businesses of the Many Who Belong to the Moesha’s Trade

Can you imagine a whole year without Tracey Boakye, Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger and Moesha’s cult members utilizing their bodies in a manner that is not only disgusting to the Christian God-Yahweh but also offends the hypocrisy of the few supposedly sane Ghanaians, including you?

That’s the sort of year I wish 2021 becomes—one that we do not have to wake up daily to the belligerent Tracey Boakye unendingly telling us about how she owns a house at East Legon—and therefore should become the yardstick of contemporary success even if the origin of the house remains a puzzle for the gods.

The truth being that, in the grand scheme of things, owing a house in a supposed posh suburb of a poor third world country where 2 minutes’ drive from your house lands you on an untarred road and constantly bragging about this makes you seem like a pillock. But then this is what we had to deal with throughout a year of a global pandemic.

The plausible alternative to the Tracey Boakye baloney was equally lame—being the ridiculousness of Mzbel. It was a constant ran to the court of social media—where Mzbel would lay bare the wrinkles of her life and blame everyone except herself for her own follies.

It’s sometimes worrying, albeit, expected, that Mzbel continues to self-destroy the little string of reputation holding her up there amongst rational persons. But then my grandmother used to say, “birds of the same feather, confuse the owner”

Another year of Afia Schwarzenegger’s lies and uncouth social media rants, calculated to keep bringing crumbs of food to her table while she remains proudly unemployed will amount to torment, to even the many vulture-like bloggers—whose first and last meal solely depends on such mischiefs.

In a liberal community of just a few thinkers called ‘Ghana’s social media landscape’, an obvious unemployed person who would metaphorically kill her own child, for just 500 GHS to satisfy her many addictions, somehow is able to purchase and own 4 or 5 houses without ever winning the lottery. The lies are distasteful, but the believers are the real problems—for their lack of critical thinking is unpardonable.

In-between the daily nuisance of the above people lies Moesha and the many like her—some well disguised—utilizing their bodies in a manner even the religious moderates, including hypocrites like you, claim is unintended by God–deceiving the sons of Adams to part with their monies to finance their meaningless lifestyles and in exchange for what ought to be a gift.

May 2021 delivers us from the hands and enterprises of these daughters of Jezebel.  

This post was published on January 5, 2021 6:12 PM

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