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F*ck Love, Talentless Patapaa Wisely Married Liha for German Citizenship to Secure His Future – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

Ghanaian artiste Justice Amoah, professionally known as Patapaa, recently married his German girlfriend Liha Miller in Agona Swedru, with the wedding being the talk of town for much of the past week.


Everyone is trying to understand what motivated a local boy like Patapaa to go all the way to Germany to find an overweight white lady to marry.

One theory out there is that Patapaa married Liha Miller, his German bride, for a chance at German citizenship.

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It’s a theory that makes a ton of sense. Patapaa has become a ‘celebrity’ through releasing a song that is completely made of noise. ‘One Corner’ is not a song but a noisy jingle that became popular because it had a dance attached which made it a viral sensation.

Patapaa is not stupid, despite how he looks – he knows his career is not going anywhere because he does not actually have any talent. He got lucky once with ‘One Corner’ and the likelihood of making viral hit after viral hit to sustain his career is non-existent.

This is the time to make use of what fame has brought him to establish himself for life.

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Luckily he found a white lady out there, who is rumoured to be a groupie, ready to take him in a ‘relationship’.


Patapaa marries Liha for German citizenship and she gets a chance to finally date a famous African star.

Don’t be surprised if in the coming months Patapaa and his bride relocate to Germany and he gets to live there and occasionally release songs in Ghana which become megaflops.

You can’t blame Patapaa, he’s only securing the ‘bag’, as they say. He’s securing his future. But let no one fool you that this is a marriage of love and not of opportunity.

That’s very hard to believe.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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