You Are Mad At Me Because I Won’t Give My PU$$Y To You— Lydia Forson Blasts Bloggers Asking Her To Humble Herself So She Gets A Man To Marry

Opinionated actress Lydia Forson has hit back at critics for not minding their own business and making time to talk about her relationship status.

According to Lydia, she has all the time in this world and the energy to fight anyone who dares respect her in that sense.

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Lydia went on a ranting spree after she tweeted that someone sat in their car and asked a stranger to come for her number for him. Lydia says it is disrespectful in every sense of the word and such acts should not be encouraged.

Seemingly, what she said did not sit well with some people and they have taken it rather personal, saying that she is unmarried at 36 because she is not humble enough.

The Side Chic Gang actress says it even pathetic to think that people actually believe that she has not had proposals from men.

“And they’ve turned this discussion into why I’m not married? So you really want to believe that in this my life I’ve not had proposals or men interested in me? The person discussing me loudly on the radio sef is in my DM. Be honest you’re just mad I don’t want YOU.”

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Lydia swears people have made it their lifetime call to monitor her each and every move, wanting to know who she is sleeping with basically because they know she would never sleep with any of them.

She says she would fight any of them with every fibre of her being.

“Nkrasiefuor nkoaaa Try me, I have the time and energy. Every day you’re monitoring my pu$$y and who I give it to and what I do with it because you’re mad I won’t give it to you. You people always make it seem like it’s wrong for a woman to have self-respect.”

She concludes that she needs no one validation because she is very good, happy and content at where she is.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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