An “Unintelligent Coward” With A Microphone – Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda Completely Destroys Kevin Taylor

A renowned broadcaster with Citi FM and Citi TV, Umaru Sanda Amadu has taken a direct swipe at US-based Ghanaian Journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor, whom he describes as a coward with a microphone.

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Umaru Sanda has been at the receiving end of some wild backlash from NDC fanatics in recent times, for daring to criticize the Party and their leaders.

Kevin Taylor, a man who started his fame on social media as an impartial citizen vigilante who was hell-bent on exposing corruption among the political class, and who has recently metamorphosed into the strongest and most stubborn NDC footsoldier, has led the attacks against Umaru Sanda in recent times.

Umaru Sanda, a man well known for speaking his mind, has taken to social media to offer his response to the US-based journalist, and his band of NDC followers.

He wrote,

Dear NDC Supporters, If you had spent half the energy you’re using to insult me and other journalists on the campaigns of 2020, the party would have won at least, 138 seats with UNRIGABLE MARGINS so that this debate about MAJORITY and MINORITY wouldn’t arise.

By the way, despite all the insults you’ve heaped on me and my ethnic group, my skin is still as smooth as that of my brother, the Fulani NDC MP for Adenta.

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I know the block-headed self-acclaimed journalist in unwarranted exile in the US doesn’t know that a Fulani blood is in Parliament on the NDC ticket. But of course, he’s an unintelligent coward with a microphone. That’s dangerous.My NDC friends, let’s have an intellectual intercourse. You would find it more stimulating than the insults. 3y3 Zu!!!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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