All that Big Head But No Sense – DKB Spews Foolishness in Defence of Cecilia Marfo

Self-acclaimed King of Gh comedy with zero talent, Derrick Kobina Bonney aka DKB, has unsurprisingly jumped to the defence of self-proclaimed prophetess Cecilia Marfo.

Marfo is trending for all the wrong reasons after a disgusting performance during a program.

She was spotted as she snatched a microphone from Joyce Blessing and told her to go back to her husband.

Blessing separated from her husband Dave Joy over alleged infidelity. However Marfo claims she’s sinning and the holy spirit is directing her to tell Joyce to go back to the husband!

This isn’t the first time Marfo has acted weirdly claiming to be under the influence of the holy spirit. The woman is half a cell away from being a certified mad woman!

She has been heavily condemned for her actions so the big headed DKB has decided to endorse foolishness and support her.

There is no stupidity in Ghana that DKB has not decided to endorse before and this is no exception.

He claims Marfo was under the influence of the holy spirit when she did what she did.

“The holy spirit doesn’t care about your image or brand or embarrassment when you don’t heed to him. Canal eyes will see this issue as public harassment, true believers will take a lesson from it to avoid the wrath of the Holy Spirit.” “If indeed you want to tell me trash for what I’ve written, please think twice, I’m the majority speaker at Zoomlion. The ways of the spirit are not the ways of the physical,” he wrote on social media.

DKB shows us every day that his big head is for nothing because it houses a very small brain. Some of his actions at times makes you wonder if dolphins and chimpanzees are actually more intelligent than he is.

They probably are because they would never spew such nonsense!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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